April Edition

Welcome to 2BRetired a community for Retirement & Pre-retirement lifestyles.

Boomer retirement lifstyle
For articles please click on the relevant Categories to the left and leave comments and your ideas on retirement lifestyle or click here for latest posts.
We are dedicated to finding and sharing information on how to have a comfortable fun early retirement, retirement and financial independence. We hope to be able to do this by sharing ideas on frugal tips, green living, and conservative means of investing for income.  We aim to redefine and reinvent what it means to be financially independent or comfortably retired. 2BRetired.com is geared toward an independent lifestyle, living a frugal green life with travel ideas, places to see, photos of locations, discount travel. As we work on our portfolio and find ways to safely invest for income we will share that in the retirement income section. So feel free to contact us for information you would like to see and also to give us information that you would like to share that would be beneficial to our independent lifestyle community .
Thanks Bob and Barb the 2B’s

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