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T’ai Chi For a Healthy Retirement

I started doing T’ai Chi Ch’uan long before I retired — nearly 20 years ago. At the time, T’ai Chi was the flavor of the month. These days it’s fallen behind Yoga and Zumba classes. But just because you take … Continue reading

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French weight loss for Boomers

From a comment on a previous post I have looked into the French diet. Apparently a Dr. Pierre Dukan from France has just written a book on this topic. Further research shows his information seems to be basically a modified … Continue reading

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Bone health for retired women

The following information is based strictly on my own experience with Osteoporosis and overall bone health.    A little over five years ago, my GP ordered a routine chest  x-ray.  Once the results were in, my GP's office called me … Continue reading

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Health problems Walking and Bicycling in California

Now that we are retired we thought walking and bicycling would be good exercise. Well basically it is. The only problem we have found is being nearly run over either by cars not stopping at crossing or being injured when … Continue reading

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New Years weight loss.

I suppose most of you have made a new years resolution to loss weight. Well after many years of the same resolution with sparse result I have decided to just change my life style and just eat smaller portions.  My … Continue reading

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Barb’s Green Dip

  If you like green salsa (Salsa Verde) and guacamole, but can’t decided which one to have, you’ll love this combination of the two. It’s simply called “green dip” because all the ingredients are green. 2 Medium Avocados

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