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Start researching your retirement Medicare.

Last night we went to a local seminar about Medicare. This was given by our local senior center. Check your local city for these senior centers in your area as they have information on all your local senior activity’s.  Do … Continue reading

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Park your phone

Since ATT put up their rates in our area we decided we did not need the second phone line, but wanted to keep the phone number for future use. We found a company called  family-phone.com that offers a service that parks … Continue reading

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Social Security something to consider

Its easy to apply online for your benefits. I personally signed up to a apply online, but due to a wait to receive my password, I went to my local Social Security office.  A new one happened to open up  … Continue reading

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Private and Company Pensions

Presently I managed to retire early because I qualified for my company’s defined benefits pension plan.  After 30 years and 60,000 hours it was a long time coming.  The closer I got to the 60,000 hours the more anxiety I … Continue reading

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Financial topics

Financial topics As of this date July 2010 I am standing on the side lines until I see what is happening with the world markets. At present everything is in flux. The best books I have read recently are below. … Continue reading

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RV lifestyle without RV

For many years I have seriously though about buying a RV.  I eventually came up with  the 5th wheel set up.  This basically allowed us to park our RV at a camp site, unhook our pickup, and have a means … Continue reading

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