Front runner Baby Boomers

As we were!

As a front runner of the Baby-Boomer generation I want to create a hang out for fellow Boomers, both male and female, to discuss relevant problems and solutions for our generation.   This section is new and will be about Boomer lifestyle and relevant subjects. Please leave comments on what you would like to see on this site about our Boomer generation.

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Planning your retirement a must

As a Boomer you must plan for your retirement.

The last half of my career I was planning to retire early but did not know if financially I could make it. The job was fun and enjoyable but the office politics were brutal. That part I did not enjoy. Well I finally retired early at 59 1/2 but it was more due to a stroke of luck. I worked in the entertainment industry which is heavily unionized. While talking to a fellow engineer who was the type to know the union contract better than a lawyer, he mentioned he was retiring early at 60.

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Boomers Health and Exercise

As you can see from the Boomer page I presume a lot of you are putting on weight. Supposedly our generation have a chance of living to 90+ or so they say. After my operation, see about us, I began putting on weight. I think the reason was I though I was going to die and when I survived I decide to live well and eat what I enjoyed. Well that has been a problem and my Doctor tells me the obvious, calories in to calories out to maintain your ideal weight. So I can eat what I want, within reason, just control portion size and exercise more to burn excess calories.

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