Life Plan

This is a brief overview of what we see our life plan to be. Presently our early retirement lifestyle is about a frugal minimalist type of life and traveling lightly. This is not about doing without or making drastic sacrifice.  For as long as I remember I always hated waste, even as a small child.  As I got older I got the reputation of being cheap.  I never regarded myself as being cheap, maybe frugal, I just did not want to waste money on stuff that was not important to me. Then I stumbled on a book called “Your Money or your Life” by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez. This introduced us to the voluntary simplicity and sustainable living concept. Looking back to when we were younger the best times we remember seems to be when we owned very little.  I have basically lived my life debt free so the voluntary simplicity idea fitted my lifestyle. By eliminating the extra “junk” we have less clutter in our lives.  The advantage is we do not have to worry about our stuff being lost or stolen. Take a quick look below at a youtube video about Escaping Affluenza. If you have your ideas on different lifestyles please leave a post here on what you like to see on this blog. Thanks for your support

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