The Simply Lazy Cook

Everyone has a favorite recipe that has pages of ingredients and takes hours to prepare.  They are a labor of love.  They invoke great childhood memories and are a crowd-pleaser whenever they are served. Now that I’m retired, I want to spend all my time over a hot stove making every complicated and hours to prepare recipe I can find… ARE YOU JOKING!  NO, the simpler, the shorter and less time in the kitchen the better!  Continue reading


Stir Lazy Cake


This is one of the easiest and best tasting cakes I’ve ever made.  I’m not a frosting person — I like the cake.  This is one of my favorite recipes because it has a crusty topping  and doesn’t require frosting.   If you like the icing on your cake, you can always slather on your favorite frosting.  I promise not to tell. Continue reading