T’ai Chi For a Healthy Retirement


I started doing T’ai Chi Ch’uan long before I retired — nearly 20 years ago. At the time, T’ai Chi was the flavor of the month. These days it’s fallen behind Yoga and Zumba classes. But just because you take an exercise class, doesn’t mean you can’t do T’ai Chi as well. Continue reading


Recycling cardboard Milk cartons for Gardeners.

Recently we have been heavily involved with composting. Now we have only plastic wrappers/bags in our regular trash. The only thing we could not compost was cardboard milk cartons. After some research we found some milk cartons are covered in wax and can be compost after being shredded but others are poly coated, a plastic covering, these cannot be composted.

The problem is not knowing what type of water proofing has been used. After some thought I came up with an alternative use for the carton.

Continue reading

Building your own web site

This web site has been built and maintained by use. This project is not for the faint hearted.

We started this site to create a mini community of like minded retirees to share ideas. Having a background in electronic engineering I figured building a web site would be easy and fun. I would take care of the construction and maintenance of the site. Barb would take care of the content and day to day running of the site and blog. Continue reading