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T’ai Chi For a Healthy Retirement

I started doing T’ai Chi Ch’uan long before I retired — nearly 20 years ago. At the time, T’ai Chi was the flavor of the month. These days it’s fallen behind Yoga and Zumba classes. But just because you take … Continue reading

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Recycling cardboard Milk cartons for Gardeners.

Recently we have been heavily involved with composting. Now we have only plastic wrappers/bags in our regular trash. The only thing we could not compost was cardboard milk cartons. After some research we found some milk cartons are covered in … Continue reading

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Build a garden compost for retirees.

After  our trip to our cites recycle center we decide to build a larger compost bin. We had a small plastic 50gal size unit supplied by the city but needed a larger one. So as retirees we decided to  build … Continue reading

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Building your own web site

This web site has been built and maintained by use. This project is not for the faint hearted. We started this site to create a mini community of like minded retirees to share ideas. Having a background in electronic engineering … Continue reading

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