T’ai Chi For a Healthy Retirement


I started doing T’ai Chi Ch’uan long before I retired — nearly 20 years ago. At the time, T’ai Chi was the flavor of the month. These days it’s fallen behind Yoga and Zumba classes. But just because you take an exercise class, doesn’t mean you can’t do T’ai Chi as well. Continue reading


French weight loss for Boomers

From a comment on a previous post I have looked into the French diet.

Apparently a Dr. Pierre Dukan from France has just written a book on this topic.

Further research shows his information seems to be basically a modified Atkins type diet.

High protein, low fat , more fiber from Oat Bran, vegetables and drink plenty of water.

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Boomers Health and Exercise

As you can see from the Boomer page I presume a lot of you are putting on weight. Supposedly our generation have a chance of living to 90+ or so they say. After my operation, see about us, I began putting on weight. I think the reason was I though I was going to die and when I survived I decide to live well and eat what I enjoyed. Well that has been a problem and my Doctor tells me the obvious, calories in to calories out to maintain your ideal weight. So I can eat what I want, within reason, just control portion size and exercise more to burn excess calories.

I tried gyms but at my age I got fed up with the young jocks in the changing room, acting like they owned the place and the senior were in their way. So I looked at exercising without the gym. Continue reading

Bone health for retired women

The following information is based strictly on my own experience with Osteoporosis and overall bone health. 


A little over five years ago, my GP ordered a routine chest  x-ray.  Once the results were in, my GP's office called me up and said that the doctor needed to see me right away.  No they wouldn't tell me why.  Well, I immediately thought that my chest x-ray must show that I either had TB or heart disease, or even lung cancer.  Having just seen a similar but tragic storyline on a popular medical show — my imagination was running wild!  I can't tell you how relieved I was when my doctor told me I had small  fractures in my spine.  Compared to thinking I had cancer, bone fractures that I didn't even know I had, seemed like nothing to worry about.  I shouldn't have been quite so relieved. Continue reading

Health problems Walking and Bicycling in California

Now that we are retired we thought walking and bicycling would be good exercise. Well basically it is. The only problem we have found is being nearly run over either by cars not stopping at crossing or being injured when a bicyclist flashes by on the sidewalk. In California the pedestrian supposedly has the right of way, if you are on a crosswalk a car supposed to stop to let you pass, but in Los Angeles most of the time they do but it is that one time when they do not that I worry about. So walking has its dangers.

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Start researching your retirement Medicare.

Last night we went to a local seminar about Medicare. This was given by our local senior center. Check your local city for these senior centers in your area as they have information on all your local senior activity’s.  Do not forget a lot of breakfast dinners offer senior discounts, but you have to ask?

Now I thought Medicare would be simple but after this seminar I found there are at present  4 parts, A, B, C, and D

  • A  — This is basically covers your Hospitalization cost with some copay.
  • B —  This is basically for Doctor and out patient fees, with some copay. This part cost you a monthly fee.
  • C —  This is what they call Medicare Advantage. Further info to follow.
  • D —  This is the prescription drug, with some copay.

I suggest you contact Medicare.gov for information and study it well as there seems to be a lot of gotcha!  Part  A seems to be free if you have paid a certain amount into the system  I found that in part B you have to pay a monthly fee which is deducted from your Social Security. Now if you live abroad and do not sign up for part B to save the monthly fee. When and if you return and sign up your fee is raised by 10% per year for every year you did not sign up. This new rate is now your rate set going forward not including cost of living raises.

We decided not to put in what the fees are in this post as things change and it would be best for you to find out from Medicare directly what your cost will be.

So we suggest you really start to read and study your Medicare system because one simple mistake will cost you for life.

If you are having problems with medicare then you can contact HICAP in California.

HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) provides free and objective information and counseling about Medicare. Volunteer counselors can help you understand your specific rights and health care options. HICAP also offers free educational presentations to groups of Medicare beneficiaries, their families and/or providers on a variety of Medicare and other health insurance related topics.

You can find a similar organization by contacting your States insurance department

Good luck 2BRetired.

New Years weight loss.

I suppose most of you have made a new years resolution to loss weight. Well after many years of the same resolution with sparse result I have decided to just change my life style and just eat smaller portions.  My doctor said it was a simple thing calories in to calories burned.  Remember it has taken 30 years to slowly put on weight even a pound a year adds up. I remember my time in the hospital I had a nutritionist and I was only allowed to eat certain small portion and I lost a lot of weight, although my wife would sneak  me in breakfast sausage and Dr. Pepper when she could. Continue reading