Chromecast install and fixes


The unit is simple to set up just plug into an HDMI input on your TV , plug the USB power supply into the top of the unit turn on your TV and the Chromecast screen should appear. ( if not make sure  your TV is set to the right HDMI input.)  If you are using an Android phone or Tablet install the Chromecast app. and follow the instructions,if you are setting up from Windows 7  click    HERE      or go to

All of this initial setup needs to be done using your wireless network. But when it is all set up you can run from a hard line connected to the same network.

Now for some reason sometimes  Win 7 cannot locate the Chromecast that is because some wireless routers are dual frequency 2.4 ghz and 5.0 ghz. and  Chromecast is a 2.4 ghz  only. It still works on a dual band router. Google gave me this link for Win 7   click    HERE    or go to

Now I had a problem seeing the unit on my laptop which turned out to be a setting in the Adapter setting. right click on wireless adapter and look at Local area connections. I noticed in mine I had a Nettalk box ticked. Not using the Nettalk app on my laptop I un-ticketed the box and the Chromecast app. found the unit. Set up was then a breeze.

The unit runs fine although limited on things you can cast but there supposed to be other apps on the works.

Any further info on this unit please leave a comment.

I have intentionally left this post simple as there are a lot of set up info on the web but not much on trouble shooting . Google tech support was not much help, although friendly and polite basically said nothing was wrong with there unit contact Windows support to fix your problem.


Local Area connection on Linux IGD REMOVAL.

While installing USB drivers for Nettalk Voip phone on my Windows XP netbook I noticed  in my network connections had the following.  Internet Gateway   Local Area Connection on Linux IGD,   After some research found this was an unwanted program using up resources. The problem was I could not remove it. Contacted Microsoft support who offered  15 minute free support.   After a very, very, very  slow online chat with Ron and nothing had been done,  I was told that I had been hacked and was being accessed remotely. He said they could fix it but my free 15 minutes were up, and it would cost $79 to remove this problem or if I purchased their Assurance plan offer for $199  which covered a year of service.  What a rip off, they tried to scare me into  thinking I had a hidden virus that only they could fix.

I did some research and found the removals below, and the program was not a virus or hack but a Microsoft software setting.

1. Launch Windows Messenger
2. Get online to you account and leave it active
3. Now got to Windows “START” button
4. Proceed to “Network Connections”
5. Right Click on LAN Connection Linux IGD and choose properties
6. There is one button in the lower right “Settings”
7. This opens “Advanced Settings”
8. You will see your IP address followed by a UDP and TCP port
9. Remove the checks from the boxes, save and restart.
10.he “Local Area Connection on Linux IGD” should be  gone.

This did not work for me as there were no boxes to tick but I found the following that worked.

This problem is actually due to a windows networking component. If you
remove the check from Internet Gateway found under the Windows Components
Network Services entry

Click on Add Remove Programs in your control panel
Click on Windows Components (Add or Remove)
Click on the details button by the Network Services
Remove check by Internet Gateway .

Your Linux IGD will be gone for good. This is something that is affected by Windows update and does involve Messenger software. It can and does mess up broadband connectivity.

I hopes this helps,  Bob

Windows 7 "microphone-in" problem with Audacity software.

I was playing around with Audacity, a free open source audio editing software, and I noticed my “microphone-in” was not working but my “microphone-in” via my USB web camera worked fine.  After spending nearly a day trying to figure out the problem in Windows 7  I finally figured it out. To make it worse the microphone worked fine one minute then stopped working the next. Continue reading

E-book downloader Plugin that captures e-mail address

If you are using WordPress and want to offer free ebook downloads and capture their e-mail in exchange then this is the plugin for you.

In WordPress go to Add plugin, search for SS-downloader and install and activate.  The setup is under Tools– SS Downloader.  Full information is on Stranger Studios site.  Follow the setup  instructions. Copy the short code and paste into the page/post you want the downloader to appear.

The short code looks something like this:-

Continue reading

phpMyAdmin 2048 kb upload limit

Just downloaded the latest backup of this site and when I tried to create the SQL database in phpMyAdmin, by importing the database, I got an error message, file too large, limit 2048 kb.

This got me worried as my site expands the database size will increase and thus I cannot create a backup on my localhost.

After some research I found you have to increase the file size in php.ini. This is how:-

  • Make sure you have the latest version of phpMyAdmin.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin as below and click on php.ini


This should open the php.ini file in notepad ( Windows)

  • Now scroll down until you reach “File upload” section in the php.ini file, as below and increase the file size

Save file and proceed to phpMyAdmin and  import your SQL file and this should work.

Using WordPress as your Website program Part2

As I previously mentioned we have rebuilt this site using WordPress. After reviewing the theme settings  you can browse our site to see what you can do, and we have not used most of what is available. With this theme and various plugins you can create a complex site on your own without knowing PHP code. Although some basic concept of PHP does help.

To start you have a large choice of themes, the problem with these themes is that most are of a fixed design. What we found was a theme called ATAHUALPA, do not ask how to pronounce it, Just click here for their site and free download. This theme has a multiple choices for the layout. At first there are so many ways to adjust the theme that it seems overwhelming.

To the left here is a copy of the setup menu. There are 200+ settings. Sorry for the small size but the full image was too  large to insert into this post. You can set up to 4 columns 2 on each side if you want. Set which pages the columns appear in, change background colors, border size, changing the header and tabs etc.

From previous posts I suggest setting up a local host on your computer so that you can download and work on setting up Atahualpa before venturing out onto an external web server. If you have a dual monitor setup you can have Atahualpa open on one screen and a YouTube  tutorial (click here) on the other and follow the set ups and just pause the tutorial as you work through it. My second monitor is actually a TV with a 15pin VGA input.

I cannot recommend a web host at present. I am using Godady now but due to various problems I am not happy with them and am looking for another host company.

Once you have got Atahualpa working to your satisfaction start searching for plugins. These are free WordPress programs which update your theme to do a lot of tasks without learning to program.  On the left hand WordPress menu is a  Plugin section, click on Add New  and in the search area find what you want the program to do. SEO,  Google Analytics, backup database, 301 redirects etc.

I hope this basic introduction helps, if you have any other specific question please leave a comment and I will try to answer as soon as I can. Thanks, 2BRetired                                                                    

Photo manipulation with Free GIMP

As I have mentioned on previous post when I need to design a logo or manipulate a photo I use a free program called GIMP. It is a GNU manipulation program. It can be freely downloaded at their site:- GIMP The above logo was created using GIMP.  At first it is not a easy program to use but after a while it becomes intuitive. When you first open the program it is in 3 parts. The main work area in the middle and 2 menu docks on either side. All 3 windows can be positioned independently anywhere on the desktop. There are many tutorials on YouTube that cover the basics to the complicated art work. Just go toYouTube and and type GIMP Tutorial into the search window. For most graphic manipulations I recommend this program highly. If you are going to do a lot of artwork I suggest buying a graphics tablet. Presently I do not have a preference for a graphics tablet so I cannot recommend any particular make or model. If you are going to use GIMP a lot I recommend the reference book below, try your library first. Before you buy check for any other manuals that suit your own style,  there are now many books available.