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T’ai Chi For a Healthy Retirement

I started doing T’ai Chi Ch’uan long before I retired — nearly 20 years ago. At the time, T’ai Chi was the flavor of the month. These days it’s fallen behind Yoga and Zumba classes. But just because you take … Continue reading

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Porcupine Meatballs

The name porcupine comes from the rice in the meatballs. By the way, if pineapple seems an odd ingredient, I thought so too. But don’t be afraid, it’s very subtle and adds a small amount of sweet zest to the … Continue reading

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Apple Pie Parisian

Here is a simple and low calorie Apple Pie.  In true French style, it may not be sweet enough for the American palate, but is still tasty and far healthier than most.

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Asian Cucumber Salad

                                 Tangy and refreshing, this Asian inspired salad will last 2 to 3 days in the refrigerator.

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Old World French Potato Salad

                                 This French style potato salad is not only healthy but simple.  Rather than precise measurements, start with three to four medium potatoes and scale the recipe up or down from there.

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Marinade for Beef Kabobs

                                 An easy marinade (my favorite kind) for both chicken and beef kabobs.

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French Provincial Green Bean Salad

                                                                  Here is a classic salad made In the provincial French style.  As is traditional with these French recipes, no precise measurements are given, just play with your own portions .

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Front runner Baby Boomers

As we were! As a front runner of the Baby-Boomer generation I want to create a hang out for fellow Boomers, both male and female, to discuss relevant problems and solutions for our generation.   This section is new and … Continue reading

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French weight loss for Boomers

From a comment on a previous post I have looked into the French diet. Apparently a Dr. Pierre Dukan from France has just written a book on this topic. Further research shows his information seems to be basically a modified … Continue reading

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E-book downloader Plugin that captures e-mail address

If you are using WordPress and want to offer free ebook downloads and capture their e-mail in exchange then this is the plugin for you. In WordPress go to Add plugin, search for SS-downloader and install and activate.  The setup … Continue reading

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