About Us


We retired early at 60, not as early as I now feel we should have done.

2Bretired.com and this blog started out as a place for like-minded people to share ideas on how to retire early, live well on less and have a long contented life. Recently we have become more of a minimalist lifestyle. After my mother passed clearing all the stuff she had kept over the years took some effort to clean up.

We were lucky, I managed to qualify to get my small full pension at 60 which included medical.  With this, social security( at 62 ) and investment income we live comfortably and travel frequently.  We live very well on a debt free frugal lifestyle. Being frugal does not mean doing without, but living as before at less cost. We have decided to dedicate this Blog and 2BRetired.com to the art of living  well frugally. And we do mean an art, after a while it becomes a natural way to live.  A lot of people are now doing this since the market crash of 2008/9. We will include in this blog ideas from us and you about saving and retirement lifestyle tips.

Retire NOW before it is too late

After taking early retirement I had the time to visit my doctor for a full check up.  They found after much testing and miss diagnosis that I had a restrictive pericardium ( the sack around the heart.)  They did not know what had caused it but  it got worse, it had become like shoe leather restricting the heart movement.  I finally had to have an open heart surgery to remove it.

While laying in the hospital I did not think I was going to make it and began to think of all the things I had wanted to do but had not got around to  because I was working. After the surgery I vowed not to let the rest of what was left of my life slip away and to help others to see the possibilities of  a full life on less cost than you think, although it does take some mental work to accomplish it can be done.

The common question I get is “don’t you get bored”, my answer is “I don’t have enough time to get thing done as it is”,  how we managed while we were working I don’t know.
We have been traveling for the last few months and have neglected this blog, but now we are back and ready to go. During our trips we have learned how to access the internet and other communications while being mobile. As we start to get further interest  from the public about this topic then we will re-open our site with more info about Traveling tips with photo’s – Investing for income – money saving tips – health topic for retiree’s  and whatever topic of interest that is relevant to early retirement, and comfortable retirement in general.

Good luck from Bob and Barb the 2B’s and don’t forget to leave a comments or ideas about  how to live well on less.



2 Responses to About Us

  1. Denny says:

    Looks like a good start, Please keep it up, I am interested in this topic.

  2. Oren says:

    I loved it, thanks. Waiting to read more.


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