Lost over 20 Ibs so far on Keto diet

After both my parents passed away in their 90″s I decided I needed to loose some weight to improve my health as I am myself in my 70’s and overweight since I have been in the USA( over 40 years ) I noticed since the 60’s people are getting fat. So I did some research and  stumbled across the Keto diet  and tried it. So far it is working, it is basically a low carb, high fat medium protein diet or lifestyle.

My mother of French decent always cooked with butter, ate a lot of cheese and never ate corn, as she said they feed corn to the pigs to make them fat. She stayed thin well into her 80’s.

Looking at the food from the 60’s  it has become very processed particularly with sugar added in its various forms!  Take a look at food labels and everything has sugar in it. That is why I tried the Keto diet it is very low to no  sugar.

Will be updating this page as I progress.

Update August 5th 2018

Progress has stalled, due to going to dinner with some old friends from out of town. I had a couple of beers that seemed to set me back. But now I am back on track, loosing about a pound a week. I drink Bullet proof coffee in morning and no breakfast. A sort of fast. Bullet proof coffee is coffee with butter and refined coconut oil. The refined coconut oil has no coconut taste so the coffee taste normal.

One of the misgivings I had about the diet was not drinking beer as it has a lot of carb’s.  I like a bottle of beer when I am outside cooking on the BBQ. Nothing like ice cold Beer on a sunny day while flipping hamburger on the grill. ( Grass feed of course ) Being retired has some benefits. After some research I found Corona Premier that only has 2.6 carbs. Tried this and it did not seem to effect my weight loss, only 2 bottles!! There is now other brands that have low carb’s which I have not tried yet. The beer is a little light but on a hot day I try not to get drunk while cooking.

Update November 18th 2018

As a progression to the Keto type diet I have progressed to the next stage called the Carnivor diet. Which is 0 carb. meat only diet. I am giving this a try for at least 30 days to see if there are any changes and how I feel. Seems it will be expensive as I like grass fed rib-eye steaks.

To be continued.

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