Chromecast install and fixes


The unit is simple to set up just plug into an HDMI input on your TV , plug the USB power supply into the top of the unit turn on your TV and the Chromecast screen should appear. ( if not make sure  your TV is set to the right HDMI input.)  If you are using an Android phone or Tablet install the Chromecast app. and follow the instructions,if you are setting up from Windows 7  click    HERE      or go to

All of this initial setup needs to be done using your wireless network. But when it is all set up you can run from a hard line connected to the same network.

Now for some reason sometimes  Win 7 cannot locate the Chromecast that is because some wireless routers are dual frequency 2.4 ghz and 5.0 ghz. and  Chromecast is a 2.4 ghz  only. It still works on a dual band router. Google gave me this link for Win 7   click    HERE    or go to

Now I had a problem seeing the unit on my laptop which turned out to be a setting in the Adapter setting. right click on wireless adapter and look at Local area connections. I noticed in mine I had a Nettalk box ticked. Not using the Nettalk app on my laptop I un-ticketed the box and the Chromecast app. found the unit. Set up was then a breeze.

The unit runs fine although limited on things you can cast but there supposed to be other apps on the works.

Any further info on this unit please leave a comment.

I have intentionally left this post simple as there are a lot of set up info on the web but not much on trouble shooting . Google tech support was not much help, although friendly and polite basically said nothing was wrong with there unit contact Windows support to fix your problem.

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