The Simply Lazy Cook

Everyone has a favorite recipe that has pages of ingredients and takes hours to prepare.  They are a labor of love.  They invoke great childhood memories and are a crowd-pleaser whenever they are served. Now that I’m retired, I want to spend all my time over a hot stove making every complicated and hours to prepare recipe I can find… ARE YOU JOKING!  NO, the simpler, the shorter and less time in the kitchen the better! 

Just because I’m lazy doesn’t mean I want mediocre food.  I still want bang for the buck.  I want to make it look like I’ve spent all week preparing one great dish.  I just want to get it from cupboard to table in less than an hour.

Alright I’ll level with you.  Sometimes I don’t mind making a more complicated recipe, especially if it’s a real good one.  However, hours on end in the kitchen, yuck!   When it comes to kitchen time, I just want to get in/out and done.

I have no desire to have become famous celebrity chef.  in fact, I don’t call myself a chef, I’m a cook.  I’m like a lot of people; I go to books and the internet and try to find something to make for dinner.  I might need to make a dish to take to a friends house or to my Tai Chi class pot luck.  I want it fast, simple and delicious.

I  like short recipes that use fewer ingredients.  Most of the dishes I make have 10 or less ingredients.  Also, no going to fancy, out of the way specialty stores — just simple foods that can be acquired at any local market.

Simple and ultra-easy — that what makes me the Simply Lazy Cook.

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