Baked Stuffed Tomates


This year we have a bumper crop of tomatoes.  Instead of the six medium tomatoes in this recipe, I’ve been using three extremely large beefsteak tomatoes.  Enjoy!



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Dealing with aged parents

We are back again after a trip to hell.  Being retired we though it would be nice to go back to the UK and take care of my parents who are now in their 90’s with my father who now  has dementia.  After some thought we decided it would be a better idea to find our own place to stay nearby. We found a small single room converted granary barn.  This barn was on stilts about 2 ft off the ground.  Which meant it had some steps. These steps were very steep. Barbara slipped on these steps and fell and broke her shoulder just bellow the joint. This was so bad we had to return to the USA  for an operation to put a metal plate in her arm to repair the break.