Local Area connection on Linux IGD REMOVAL.

While installing USB drivers for Nettalk Voip phone on my Windows XP netbook I noticed  in my network connections had the following.  Internet Gateway   Local Area Connection on Linux IGD,   After some research found this was an unwanted program using up resources. The problem was I could not remove it. Contacted Microsoft support who offered  15 minute free support.   After a very, very, very  slow online chat with Ron and nothing had been done,  I was told that I had been hacked and was being accessed remotely. He said they could fix it but my free 15 minutes were up, and it would cost $79 to remove this problem or if I purchased their Assurance plan offer for $199  which covered a year of service.  What a rip off, they tried to scare me into  thinking I had a hidden virus that only they could fix.

I did some research and found the removals below, and the program was not a virus or hack but a Microsoft software setting.

1. Launch Windows Messenger
2. Get online to you account and leave it active
3. Now got to Windows “START” button
4. Proceed to “Network Connections”
5. Right Click on LAN Connection Linux IGD and choose properties
6. There is one button in the lower right “Settings”
7. This opens “Advanced Settings”
8. You will see your IP address followed by a UDP and TCP port
9. Remove the checks from the boxes, save and restart.
10.he “Local Area Connection on Linux IGD” should be  gone.

This did not work for me as there were no boxes to tick but I found the following that worked.

This problem is actually due to a windows networking component. If you
remove the check from Internet Gateway found under the Windows Components
Network Services entry

Click on Add Remove Programs in your control panel
Click on Windows Components (Add or Remove)
Click on the details button by the Network Services
Remove check by Internet Gateway .

Your Linux IGD will be gone for good. This is something that is affected by Windows update and does involve Messenger software. It can and does mess up broadband connectivity.

I hopes this helps,  Bob

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