Old World French Potato Salad



This French style potato salad is not only healthy but simple.  Rather than precise measurements, start with three to four medium potatoes and scale the recipe up or down from there.


Oil & Vinegar


Salt & Pepper

Boil potatoes with skins on.  Mix up oil and vinegar in a two to one ratio (two parts oil to one part vinegar).  Mix in scallions and let sit while the potatoes are cooking.

Test the potatoes.  When soft drain and allow to cool slightly.  Peel  off the skins carefully.  Slice and toss into salad mixture.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Feel free to experiment with different types oils and vinegars.  For instance using walnut oil and balsamic vinegar — or any other combination you prefer.  Also, you may wish to try a little dill or parsley in addition to just salt and pepper.

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