E-book downloader Plugin that captures e-mail address

If you are using WordPress and want to offer free ebook downloads and capture their e-mail in exchange then this is the plugin for you.

In WordPress go to Add plugin, search for SS-downloader and install and activate.  The setup is under Tools– SS Downloader.  Full information is on Stranger Studios site.  Follow the setup  instructions. Copy the short code and paste into the page/post you want the downloader to appear.

The short code looks something like this:-

" filename.txt" will be the path and file name inside quotes you want to download and "title" is the name you want to appear in the download template below.  When you paste the short code into your page make sure the editor is either in Source or HTML mode. Publish page and you should have the following:-

In this example the SS-Downloads.zip would be whatever title you used in your shortcode( title="Your Title name"). You can play with this just follow the instructions or go to Full information is on SS-Downloader site.           

Now after you have played around with setting you will have 2 box's on your set up page " Collect email address" and " File Downloads" which you probably want to clear to start fresh. These emails and download files are actually now in your SQL database. To remove them you need to clear your WordPress SQL database for the following  wp_justemails; and  wp_ss_downloads; tables.

To do this I suggest going to PHPmyadmin for your sites  WordPress database. Check with your host technical support if you have to, to find where it is in their settings.

When you have logged into phpmyadmin open your WordPress database and look for the following.

Click the box as shown and go to the bottom of the page.

Click on this box and select Empty

You will be redirected to this window

Select yes and the wp_ justemail is now reset.

or you can click on the empty icon to do the same thing

Now do the above with this file

After you have done the above close phpmyadmin and go check ss-downloader settings and both the box's should be empty.

Now be very careful that you only Empty the 2 tables above, and do it at your own risk and make sure you have backed up you database before attempting. 

I hope this help beginners trying to improve their sites. If you are interested I will post information in the future on how to change the template box to your own liking, color etc. Please leave comment on what you would like to see.

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3 Responses to E-book downloader Plugin that captures e-mail address

  1. Frank says:

    Thanks for this brief tutorial it has helped me out as a newbie particularly about modify my wordpress database using phpmyadmin.

  2. rob says:

    When I do as you instruct the ‘form’ that appears in my page goes straight to the download button … missing out the email capture completely. The download works fine … but obviously the whole point of ss downloader is to get the email address.
    Any advice?

  3. Bob says:

    To be honest I have not been working with this program for a while and suggest going to the SS-Downloader site for more specific information. We are presently traveling in the UK doing retirement research.
    Sorry I could not be of further help.

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