Boomers Health and Exercise

As you can see from the Boomer page I presume a lot of you are putting on weight. Supposedly our generation have a chance of living to 90+ or so they say. After my operation, see about us, I began putting on weight. I think the reason was I though I was going to die and when I survived I decide to live well and eat what I enjoyed. Well that has been a problem and my Doctor tells me the obvious, calories in to calories out to maintain your ideal weight. So I can eat what I want, within reason, just control portion size and exercise more to burn excess calories.

I tried gyms but at my age I got fed up with the young jocks in the changing room, acting like they owned the place and the senior were in their way. So I looked at exercising without the gym.

I suppose all of you have seen these commercials for P90X exercise program, get in shape without going to the gym. Well I borrowed a DVD from a friend to see what if it was worth buying. Well the exercises are pretty intense. The problem for me was getting down on the floor to do sit ups then I could not get up again. It is a bas _ _ ed!  to get old. I think if you are younger and dedicated the P90X would be for you but to be honest at our age something less strenuous would be better.

Walking, hiking , riding a bicycle that kind of stuff will be a good start. I did buy those rubber pull bands, a skip rope, and a pull up bar. Be careful that you install the pull up bar correctly as you do not want to be injured if it collapsed, also inspect the rubber bands I have heard of minor injury by having the rubber band break. I have had the pull up bar for a years or so and I have not lost any weight, I suppose I should use it! I have tried to pull up but without much luck. So I have put that off until I get a little lighter.

You should seriously look at doing some exercise daily. I think about it daily and take a nap until the feeling goes away. By keeping in good shape it will save you money from Doctor visits, medication, and quality of life. My mother who is in her 90 had a hip replacement some 25 years ago which has come lose. Apparently the joint was not designed to last that long. The problem she is too old to have another hip operation and is suffering mobility problems. If she had kept in good shape who knows what may have happened.

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3 Responses to Boomers Health and Exercise

  1. George says:

    Nice post,I often think it is in your genes for longevity. What do you think about diet, and drinking? How come the French eat well drink a lot of wine and still stay thin.

  2. Bob says:

    I have just posted an article about the French Diet here

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