No Bargain

Sometimes that old adage,” you get what you pay for” is so true.  We thought we could get a bargain on a store-brand whole chicken.  We’re we wrong.

On our recent trip to the meat department of our local grocery store, we saw whole chickens on sale.   We could have bought a cooked chicken from the deli department for $8.00, or we could cook a  name-brand chicken for about $5.00.  Then we noticed a store brand whole chicken for a little over $2.00.  We thought, great, buy the store-brand chicken and save money.

We seasoned the chicken, put it on a stand-up rack (so the fat would drip into an attached bowl) and placed it on the wood smoker of our BBQ.  When the meat thermometer read 185ºF we knew it was done.    Well, not quite.  The chicken looked nicely golden brown, the meat thermometer said ready and we left it to cool down and let the juices settle.  How disappointed we were when we sliced into the chicken.

Not only was the chicken raw in places and rubbery, but it had been pumped so full of water I don’t think it cooked properly.  It also had a lot of fat under the skin that couldn’t have been seen until cooked. So there we were with a tasteless, rubbery half-cooked chicken.  I guess you really do get what you pay for.  I think I’ll cut up the rest of the chicken and put it into a rice or pasta dish.

From now one we will just stick to cooking chicken pieces on the grill.  Or maybe next time, I just might get the cooked chicken instead.

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