Expensive Rotisserie chicken for retirees

Now spring has arrived  we decided to grill outside more often. To spice up the menu I bought a generic grill rotisserie so we could try to cook different ways. Our grill is a 20 year old Sunbeam which is not made any more. It has a glass see through front which is hard to find now days on an out door grills.

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Oil from Plastic waste.

From our previous post we have gotten into composting all our organic waste. Our only trash is now plastic food wrappers and plastic bags. Everything else is recycled  cardboard/news papers/paper/cans/bottles. So I  began to think of what a waste sending all this plastic to a landfill.

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Bone health for retired women

The following information is based strictly on my own experience with Osteoporosis and overall bone health. 


A little over five years ago, my GP ordered a routine chest  x-ray.  Once the results were in, my GP's office called me up and said that the doctor needed to see me right away.  No they wouldn't tell me why.  Well, I immediately thought that my chest x-ray must show that I either had TB or heart disease, or even lung cancer.  Having just seen a similar but tragic storyline on a popular medical show — my imagination was running wild!  I can't tell you how relieved I was when my doctor told me I had small  fractures in my spine.  Compared to thinking I had cancer, bone fractures that I didn't even know I had, seemed like nothing to worry about.  I shouldn't have been quite so relieved. Continue reading

Health problems Walking and Bicycling in California

Now that we are retired we thought walking and bicycling would be good exercise. Well basically it is. The only problem we have found is being nearly run over either by cars not stopping at crossing or being injured when a bicyclist flashes by on the sidewalk. In California the pedestrian supposedly has the right of way, if you are on a crosswalk a car supposed to stop to let you pass, but in Los Angeles most of the time they do but it is that one time when they do not that I worry about. So walking has its dangers.

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