Dishwashing Remedies from P&G

I recently called Proctor & Gamble to complain about their Cascade dishwashing detergent.  Due to a change in formula, all my black hard plastic ladles and spatulas were turning blotchy white. Additionally, all my aluminum measuring spoons and a garlic press were turning black.

P&G listened to my complaint and made the following recommendations: hand wash these items, and/or switch to Cascade Complete Gel Packs for better results. Additionally, the sent me two (2) packages of Cascade Complete, and two (2) coupons for any Cascade dishwashing products — any size and any price. I figured this is approximately a $25 value. Not bad for a 5 minute phone call! Not only did they give me free products, but they also had solutions on how to restore my cookware.  I tried them and they really worked! For the plastic items — let soak in vinegar for several minutes (I let it soak for just under an hour). Then hand wash with dishwashing soap and a light duty scrubbing sponge to remove any vinegar residue. Vinegar is too acidic for the aluminum items. You can use a good aluminum polish/cleaner, such as Kleen King to restore your cookware.    If unavailable  you can try the following:  Boil 2-3 tablespoons cream of tarter in 1 quart of water in a pan for 15 minutes. Finally, scrub with a soap pad to remove the last bits of discoloration. Note:  You might think that the cream of tarter is the more economical way to go, but a 14 oz container of  Kleen King costs between $3 to $5.  A small 1.5 oz jar of cream of tarter could cost you around $8.  This is a big ouch for people on a retirement budget like us! After trying these cleaning tips, I’m happy to report that  my plastic and aluminum items are as good as new.

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