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Income from recycling.

Today I took my wife to one of our local supermarket. When we arrived I noticed in the parking lot a small building with people cueing up to face this building. Fueling my curiosity I took a closer look to … Continue reading

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Taking Social Security early.

When I retired early I was a little concerned about if we would have enough income from my company pension and investment.  We decided to take Social Security early as  backup. Back then you had the option to payback what … Continue reading

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Need to get away or son/daughter getting married.

Need to get away or have a son or daughter that are thinking of getting married, try this Historic Hotel in the back woods of Oregon. It has a multitude of activities for you to enjoy include local area wineries, … Continue reading

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Dishwashing Remedies from P&G

I recently called Proctor & Gamble to complain about their Cascade dishwashing detergent.  Due to a change in formula, all my black hard plastic ladles and spatulas were turning blotchy white. Additionally, all my aluminum measuring spoons and a garlic … Continue reading

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