It Pays to Complain…Sometimes

It’s like the old saying goes, if you don’t ask you don’t get. I recently had called Proctor and Gamble to complain about one of their products. I began to notice that some of the items in my dishwasher we’re changing color.  My aluminum measuring spoons and garlic press were turning black.  My hard plastic ladles and spatulas were getting white splotches on them.  I’ve had these items for several years and have been dropping them in the dishwasher from the very beginning and everything was fine.   It finally dawned on me that something had changed with my dishwasher soap.I found a toll-free number on the package and gave them a call.  The recorded voice said, “If you are experience texture or consistency problems with Cascade gel, press 1.”  I’ve been using Cascade Action Packs for years.  These packs are a mixture of dry dishwasher detergent and a gel rinse.  They are also know as “gel packs.” I pressed 2 and was immediately transferred to a representative (either I happened to get lucky and/or called during slow period —  or they really are good).  It seems that the Cascade Action Pack formula was changed to remove phosphates for a variety of reasons.  It was the removal of these phosphates that was my problem. The women on the other end apologized for the difficulties I was experiencing.  She said that P&G no longer recommends putting aluminum items or certain hard plastics in the dishwasher when using Cascade Action Packs.  However, they did have another product that seems to eliminate this problem.  She recommended using Cascade Complete. Now Cascade Complete is a more expensive version of the gel packs I’ve been using.  Up until recently, I never saw the difference between the two products, except for the price.  I mentioned this.  The final upshot of my story is that I am being sent a coupon for a free 20 count package of Cascade Complete, and two additional coupons for free Cascade Action Packs or Liquid dishwasher detergent.  I’ve estimated this to be approximately a value of $20.  Not bad for a toll-free call. In addition, she also had tips on how to restore my cookware.  As soon as I try out these remedies, I’ll update you on a new “Does It Work” post.

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1 Response to It Pays to Complain…Sometimes

  1. Mary says:

    I have been having the same problem but though it was just hard water. Thanks for the tip I will call Proctor and Gamble and see if I am also eligible for these coupons.

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