phpMyAdmin 2048 kb upload limit

Just downloaded the latest backup of this site and when I tried to create the SQL database in phpMyAdmin, by importing the database, I got an error message, file too large, limit 2048 kb.

This got me worried as my site expands the database size will increase and thus I cannot create a backup on my localhost.

After some research I found you have to increase the file size in php.ini. This is how:-

  • Make sure you have the latest version of phpMyAdmin.
  • Click on phpMyAdmin as below and click on php.ini


This should open the php.ini file in notepad ( Windows)

  • Now scroll down until you reach “File upload” section in the php.ini file, as below and increase the file size

Save file and proceed to phpMyAdmin and  import your SQL file and this should work.

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8 Responses to phpMyAdmin 2048 kb upload limit

  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for this info, I also did not know what to do when I tried to import my SQL database and got this 2048kb max file size. There seems to be a lot of simple fixes once you know what to do.

  2. Juggledad says:

    Better yet is to learn to ssh to your site and then use command line mysql to do the import. It flys

  3. Shaikh Mahbubur Rahaman says:

    how to increase max limit so i can import 440mb cvs

  4. thanks it a great help.finally i am able to solve this just search by the size of the file like 8M in your php.ini the put it 500M and save

    that done

  5. BObby Maynard says:

    Keep in mind, to keep from having process exceptions make these two fields the same size.

    post_max_size = 1288888M

    upload_max_filesize = 1288888M

    Of course you can have a different value in the field than what i have for my private server, just keep in mind those two values should be the same. If not it can cause excessive processing time and even processing errors. Esp on sites with high activity!

  6. James O says:

    hi. I tried changing the upload limit from 2M to 8M. But phpMyAdmin is still showing 2048. I doubled checked to make sure the php.ini file was saved and it was. Please help

    • Bob says:

      James I am presently out of the country and I has been a while since I worked with phpmyadmin, but I vaguely remember there may be a size limit, Try increasing it 1m at a time and see how high it will go.

      • toborex says:

        Thanks Bob. i already figured it out. I just needed to restart the server to apply the changes, Thanks for the help.

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