Foodsaver V2240 arrived.


The vacuum Foodsaver V2240 finally arrived and we were eager to try the unit to check if it worked OK.  From a lot of reviews either these machine worked or they have problem.  This particular machine had good reviews so we had our fingers crossed.

As I stated before on our Freezer post for some reason there has not been any decent local sales on chicken. So just to try the unit we bought a large packet of chicken wing from out local supermarket.

Reading the manual it apparently helps to pre-freeze the chicken wings for an hour or so. This helps to stop chicken juice from entering the vacuum system. So in the future we will partially pre-freeze meat before we vacuum.

We placed the wings into the plastic bag and followed the instructions placing the open end into the vacuum system. Pressed the button and after a few minutes the vacuum motor stopped and the bag was sealed.  It was amazing how all the air had been sucked out of the bag and the wings became a solid lump.  Put the bag into the freezer and was very happy so far with this unit. We then vacuumed the rest of the wings.

We purchased the unit via I found an interest thing about prices on Amazon, they change, not so much on books but on other products.  When we purchased this unit  it cost $80 when we went back to check on tracking,  the unit new price was now $199?

So if you find what you want on Amazon at a good price buy then and there as it may change if you wait and go back to order later.

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2 Responses to Foodsaver V2240 arrived.

  1. Kathleen says:

    So how is the vacuum machine working?


    • admin says:

      So far our machine has been working fine. The trick seems to be is pre-freeze before final sealing. The instructions suggest this, one time we tried to vacuum pack ground beef, everything was fine until close to the end of vacuum which squeezed the meat causing the blood to squeezed out and started to be sucked into the machine. So place the food into the bag and put into the freezer for an hour or until the liquid is frozen before final sealing.
      Update 5/21/11
      Be careful when moving frozen packets around in your freezer. Today we removed a frozen vacuum bag and noticed some freezer burn on the meat inside. This should not be there if it has been vacuumed correctly. Upon further inspection we notice that the plastic vacuum bag had a small scuff mark which had created a pin hole , thus releasing vacuum.
      So again be careful when moving your frozen vacuum bags around your freezer.


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