Our latest retirement project is a small Freezer

After seeing great sales on chicken and frozen pizza and not having a place to store it we decided on buying a small freezer. We looked a thrift stores and the price comparison with a new one with at least a year warranty and a used one with unknown origin was no brainier.  A new freezer was the only option. After pricing units in our area the cheapest we could find locally was at Sears. It was a small 5 cubic foot unit suitable for 2 people and would fit in the back of my small SUV.

When I went to pick it up,  2 employees of Sears help load the unit into the back of my vehicle.  Being a tight fit I told them to lay it flat as it would fit laying on its side. They told me that if I laid it on its side once I unpack it I would have to wait 24 hours before plugging it in. After unpacking the unit. The manual I found inside the freezer with full instruction on how to unpacked the unit?

After further research I found laying a freezer on its side was a problem if you plugged it in right  away, this was correct. The manual said 2 hours and  a service technician said the older units needed 24 hours, so to be safe I waited 24.

Now we are ready for the sales and low and behold there has not been any.

While we are waiting for the sales we also bought a vacuum bag system. So that we can marinate the chicken before we vacuum pack it and keep it in the freezer ready for BBQ. More on how the vacuum system works when it arrives.

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1 Response to Our latest retirement project is a small Freezer

  1. DanP says:

    We also bought a freezer a somewhat larger one for a family of 4. It has saved us a fortune so far, particularly for the kids ice cream and pizza we buy on sale.

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