AT&T our rampage.

A few months back we get a e-mail from AT&T about going paperless billing. Sign up and get $10 rebate, which turns out to be a debit card for $10. So trying to be green I thought why not and signed up. Never heard back or got the rebate. At the time I decided for the $10 rebate it was not worth my time and aggravation to follow up. I do not know what came over me as I have argued over 10 cents on a grocery bill at the supermarket?

Yesterday we got our AT&T bill and it was $4  more than last month, seeing that we did not use the phone that month it should have been the same as previous months. Now after going paperless I signed into my account and tried to to find my latest bill and previous bills and yes they had raise my monthly service before tax from approx. $8 to $12 a nearly 50% increase without notifying us. We made the call, after screaming at the computer that never understands what we say finally got a representative. The representative tell us that AT&T raised its basic rate Jan 1st. When asked why we were not informed I was pointed to a page on a bill 2 months previous that rates would increase. I questioned why go paperless when unless you figure out what page they hide information at least on a paper bill  you can scan quickly to see if things are changing.

When I brought up, that now I am going to look into going to a cable internet access and cancel AT&T telephone/internet and use something like a Magicjack and Google voice instead,  a supervisor came on the line who now found my paperless application and said the debit card would be in the mail as long as I did not cancel service for at least 6 to 8 weeks?

Please leave comments on your dealings with AT&T.

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1 Response to AT&T our rampage.

  1. emily says:

    Don’t get me started about ATT. I have been wondering how they stayed in business all this time.

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