Using WordPress as your Website program Part2

As I previously mentioned we have rebuilt this site using WordPress. After reviewing the theme settings  you can browse our site to see what you can do, and we have not used most of what is available. With this theme and various plugins you can create a complex site on your own without knowing PHP code. Although some basic concept of PHP does help.

To start you have a large choice of themes, the problem with these themes is that most are of a fixed design. What we found was a theme called ATAHUALPA, do not ask how to pronounce it, Just click here for their site and free download. This theme has a multiple choices for the layout. At first there are so many ways to adjust the theme that it seems overwhelming.

To the left here is a copy of the setup menu. There are 200+ settings. Sorry for the small size but the full image was too  large to insert into this post. You can set up to 4 columns 2 on each side if you want. Set which pages the columns appear in, change background colors, border size, changing the header and tabs etc.

From previous posts I suggest setting up a local host on your computer so that you can download and work on setting up Atahualpa before venturing out onto an external web server. If you have a dual monitor setup you can have Atahualpa open on one screen and a YouTube  tutorial (click here) on the other and follow the set ups and just pause the tutorial as you work through it. My second monitor is actually a TV with a 15pin VGA input.

I cannot recommend a web host at present. I am using Godady now but due to various problems I am not happy with them and am looking for another host company.

Once you have got Atahualpa working to your satisfaction start searching for plugins. These are free WordPress programs which update your theme to do a lot of tasks without learning to program.  On the left hand WordPress menu is a  Plugin section, click on Add New  and in the search area find what you want the program to do. SEO,  Google Analytics, backup database, 301 redirects etc.

I hope this basic introduction helps, if you have any other specific question please leave a comment and I will try to answer as soon as I can. Thanks, 2BRetired                                                                    

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1 Response to Using WordPress as your Website program Part2

  1. Bart says:

    This helps a lot as I did not know that there were these types of WordPress themes that are this personalisable available.
    Thanks, Bart

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