Save on Bread

BreadBy accident we found a Oroweat Bakery Outlet within walking distance.  These outlets are all over the USA. Just search for Bakery Outlet Stores in Google.

We found  loaves of bread that would be sold at a regular supermarket for $4 for less than $2.  Now the loaves are close to their expiration date or no more  than one day over.  This we found not to be a problem as the bread seem to last at least a few more days past their prime.  If the bread started to get stale before it got moldy we would make bread pudding with it. If any did get moldy we would put it into our compost bin.

These stores also carry other baked goods such as cakes, donuts, cookies and various miscellaneous items. Some of these items are probably not very healthy and may have a lot of preservatives, that is why we only buy just the bread.

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2 Responses to Save on Bread

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for the tip. I never thought about looking for such a store. We also found a store close by due to your suggestion. This is saving us on our bread consumption costs. Keep this up.

    Thanks Linda

  2. Jone says:

    Just found our local store, but the other day when we went there it had closed down. The recession is even affecting these outlets.
    I feel sorry for the senior citizens that relied on this store for their bread.
    Thanks for this wonderful site,  Jone

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