Photo manipulation with Free GIMP

As I have mentioned on previous post when I need to design a logo or manipulate a photo I use a free program called GIMP. It is a GNU manipulation program. It can be freely downloaded at their site:- GIMP The above logo was created using GIMP.  At first it is not a easy program to use but after a while it becomes intuitive. When you first open the program it is in 3 parts. The main work area in the middle and 2 menu docks on either side. All 3 windows can be positioned independently anywhere on the desktop. There are many tutorials on YouTube that cover the basics to the complicated art work. Just go toYouTube and and type GIMP Tutorial into the search window. For most graphic manipulations I recommend this program highly. If you are going to do a lot of artwork I suggest buying a graphics tablet. Presently I do not have a preference for a graphics tablet so I cannot recommend any particular make or model. If you are going to use GIMP a lot I recommend the reference book below, try your library first. Before you buy check for any other manuals that suit your own style,  there are now many books available.

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1 Response to Photo manipulation with Free GIMP

  1. Joel says:

    I love this program. It has a lot of options and controls. I am seriously thinking of buying a tablet so I can input my drawings and tracings.


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