New Years weight loss.

I suppose most of you have made a new years resolution to loss weight. Well after many years of the same resolution with sparse result I have decided to just change my life style and just eat smaller portions.  My doctor said it was a simple thing calories in to calories burned.  Remember it has taken 30 years to slowly put on weight even a pound a year adds up. I remember my time in the hospital I had a nutritionist and I was only allowed to eat certain small portion and I lost a lot of weight, although my wife would sneak  me in breakfast sausage and Dr. Pepper when she could.This sometimes caused a problem as she would say it was her breakfast not mine Sometime life seems out of order.  When  you are young you do not have the money to eat the best food and drink, when you get older and have the money you can eat and drink what you want but have to be careful because of possible  health issues. So to everyone out there have a great New Year.

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  1. Michael says:

    So far since the new year I lost a few pounds but today I seemed to have gained 5 lbs. I will have to wait till next New Year to lose some more!

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