Social Security something to consider

Its easy to apply online for your benefits.

I personally signed up to a apply online, but due to a wait to receive my password, I went to my local Social Security office.  A new one happened to open up  locally, and was close by.

To apply online click here:- or call:  1-800-772-1213.

I took my Social Security early at 62;  although reduce. For me I break even or gain if I die before approx.83 (pun intended).

The reason I took it early was my concern that the Government may change the rules. Due to this unknown and the possibility of being grandfathered in before any changes, I decided to take it at age 62.

Update Dec 2010.

There was a loophole in Social  Security rules that allowed you to pay back, without interest, what you received in Social Security payments before you reached 70.  You may then re-apply for a bigger payout.  Apparently they just discontinued this, which shows me that you cannot bank on any existing Social Security rules as they can change at any time.

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