Private and Company Pensions

Presently I managed to retire early because I qualified for my company’s defined benefits pension plan.  After 30 years and 60,000 hours it was a long time coming.  The closer I got to the 60,000 hours the more anxiety I had that I would not make it, due to lay offs and  work options getting less and less.

Finally I got the hours and was laid off at 59 1/2 so I had 6 months before I got my pension at 60. Then I got seriously sick, which is another story.

Now I am concerned about if my pension will be there in the future with all this worldwide economic problems.

Please leave comment about what you would like to see in this area.

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1 Response to Private and Company Pensions

  1. John66 says:

    I am also worried about what is happening with pensions in general. I think you should look at investing any of your portfolio, if you have one, for long term income. I am looking at international opportunities for the currency diversification.


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