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Financial topics As of this date July 2010 I am standing on the side lines until I see what is happening with the world markets. At present everything is in flux. The best books I have read recently are below. They are based on the Modern Portfolio Theory  and are a good basic start to long term income investing. Try your local library first.

Also I suggest that you look at the American Association of Individual Investors the It is a not for profit organization that helps individual investors learn to invest. Presently at $49  now $29 a year for membership you get a monthly magazine and access to their web site. They have local chapters in most states and club meetings usually once a month where speakers present topic on investing. You can click on their link above for further details. I would highly recommend them as I have been a member for many years. They also have a life time membership deal that may beneficial. After many years I wished I had paid the one time life time fee as after approx. 5 years it becomes free for life.

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