Using eBay to get rid of all your old stuff.

When I first started to plan to retire I decided to get rid of a lot of old my stuff.  I mean many years of collected junk and start anew.

Being the type of person that hates waste, I looked around at Goodwill and similar organizations to donate my stuff; so at least it could have another life. First I decided to see if I could sell the more valuable pieces on eBay or Craigslist. I decided on eBay as Craigslist seemed to be more local and I did not want lookie loo’s just showing up at the house. With eBay once you receive payment you just ship your Item and hope the buyer is happy with their purchase.

At the time not knowing anything about eBay I bought the “Beginners Guide To eBay”. This book is probably out of date but I am sure you can find the latest version.

Selling on eBay was a surprise. I had stuff that when I purchased it cost a lot of money and now I had no idea of what it was worth. So after some searching on eBay I found a rough idea of its value and placed it for sale. Followed the book on the best day to put it up and other tips and low and behold it sold for more than I thought.

So now I am slowly selling all the excess things that I do not use anymore. The only things I keep are some books and tools. Over the years I have collected a lot of books. Some are worth money others not. What I did was to figure which books I no longer would read or use as reference and then looked up the used book value. If they sold for less than say $2 to $3 dollars then I would donate them to my local library. I figured the time value and cost to advertise and pack and ship was not worth the time and effort. From this I figured if you wanted to make a hobby of this or even create a small business selling stuff on eBay it could easily be done. I know a person locally who goes to all the local garage sales at the weekend and buys up stuff for resale on eBay. You have to be an expert in whatever it is you are buying/selling at these sales but if it is your hobby or passion you can make a nice side income doing this.

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2 Responses to Using eBay to get rid of all your old stuff.

  1. Rexie19 says:

    I’m anxious to get rid of my stuff and also get top $$$, but I need to know more about paypal. Are they reliable and is there something else I can use?

  2. admin says:

    thanks Rexie19 for your comment. I personally use paypal and have found them reliable for us so far. They are now owned by ebay so they are reliable. When we sold stuff through ebay we were paid instantly into the paypal account, it takes about 3 business days to transfer funds to you bank account at no charge. See their latest fee chart for any changes. I suggest you open an account login and play around their site to become familiar with there system. Feel free to post any paypal specific question and we will try to help, but most of their site is self explanatory. The other way is to become a merchant that excepts credit cards but this route is time consuming and costly and not recommend if you are just selling mainly home stuff.

    Good luck 2BRetired.

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