Building your own web site

This web site has been built and maintained by use. This project is not for the faint hearted.

We started this site to create a mini community of like minded retirees to share ideas. Having a background in electronic engineering I figured building a web site would be easy and fun. I would take care of the construction and maintenance of the site. Barb would take care of the content and day to day running of the site and blog.

The problem is there is a lot to learn. Software and hardware engineering are two different things. So that  I did not have to learn computer code,  I found a software program that was a WYSISWYG. What  You See Is What You Get. It is a simple place and drop type of web site builder.

You can download this program and try it for free.  The free copy has a small logo of their company on all there pages so you need to buy the program for a clean copy to use although it only cost approx $40 to upgrade. It is all done online you download the program and you get a registration number that you put in the program and you are up and running. There is a forum for help and may video’s on their site and youTube. There are many more but none that I can recommend. Unless you really want to get a comprehensive program called Dreamweaver CS5 which is an Adobe program. This program is in the $200-$300 price range. It also has a long learning curve.

Update 11/3/10 After all the above, I found I could build a web site using WordPress. This is a free program from and have a large forum for help.  You can even create a free blog using, although it has some limits, it is a great place to start and create and learn how a blog works. is a free service. For more info about WordPress go to my WordPress section on this Blog. Enjoy

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