Using WordPress as your Website program Part1

So far this site has been rebuilt with WordPress. I can basically do nearly everything I could with a dedicated software with some exceptions of course. there has been a few work around but for ease  of use and support via a forum it is fine. There are plenty of free what are called plug-ins that do all sorts function so your options are plentiful.

The main reason I like the use of WordPress is that when we are on the road we can update the site without having web design software on our computer. I can log into WordPress from any computer log in and modify whatever I need to or just add a post or reply to comments. Later I will have a page dedicated to WordPress setup.


Using eBay to get rid of all your old stuff.

When I first started to plan to retire I decided to get rid of a lot of old my stuff.  I mean many years of collected junk and start anew.

Being the type of person that hates waste, I looked around at Goodwill and similar organizations to donate my stuff; so at least it could have another life. First I decided to see if I could sell the more valuable pieces on eBay or Craigslist. I decided on eBay as Craigslist seemed to be more local and I did not want lookie loo’s just showing up at the house. With eBay once you receive payment you just ship your Item and hope the buyer is happy with their purchase.

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Home phone savings

Home phone savings. After we retired we decided that we did not need a second phone line. We had two, one was for personal use the other mainly for work. It was not so much of the cost of the basic phone but all those extra taxes and fees added to the bill.  So after we got the MagicJack and realized it worked fine for making calls we looked into disconnecting the phone lines and use the MagicJack only.

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Building your own web site

This web site has been built and maintained by use. This project is not for the faint hearted.

We started this site to create a mini community of like minded retirees to share ideas. Having a background in electronic engineering I figured building a web site would be easy and fun. I would take care of the construction and maintenance of the site. Barb would take care of the content and day to day running of the site and blog. Continue reading

Financial topics

Financial topics As of this date July 2010 I am standing on the side lines until I see what is happening with the world markets. At present everything is in flux. The best books I have read recently are below. They are based on the Modern Portfolio Theory  and are a good basic start to long term income investing. Try your local library first.

Also I suggest that you look at the American Association of Individual Investors the It is a not for profit organization that helps individual investors learn to invest. Presently at $49  now $29 a year for membership you get a monthly magazine and access to their web site. They have local chapters in most states and club meetings usually once a month where speakers present topic on investing. You can click on their link above for further details. I would highly recommend them as I have been a member for many years. They also have a life time membership deal that may beneficial. After many years I wished I had paid the one time life time fee as after approx. 5 years it becomes free for life.

Skype for international use.

Skype for International use. Skype, however, also lets you call out to mobile phones and land lines (a service called SkypeOut <>) and enables you to have your own phone number in any of 23 countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, France and Italy (this is called SkypeIn <>).Both SkypeOut and SkypeIn carry a relatively low fee.


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