Park your phone.

Since ATT put up their rates in our area we decided we did not need the second phone line, but wanted to keep the phone number for future use. We found a company called that offers a service that parks your phone number with an answering machine.  So if any one calls that number we get an e-mail saying we have a message. Presently they charge $5 a month for this service, they have other services, but you save on all those fees and tax’s on the ATT bill every month.

The side effect also was that we gave this number on sales slips, so any sales calls go to a machine. This helped when we kept getting a $15 carpet cleaning commercial we just erased the e-mail. You can listen to the message also from the e-mail. You should try it.

Eventualy we will port the number to our Magicjack or Nettalk when that eventually becomes available.


Health issues

Now that we are retired and want to travel often we are concerned about keeping fit so that we do not need to be on any medications. We try to use vitamins and natural herbs  and walk as much as we can. We noticed when we were abroad and tried to book a trip locally, the booking agent made us sign a waver for travel insurance and medical.