New Portfolio for 2010

After this market decline we had to re-think our portfolio strategies.  We are working on a new target.  Once we have researched a good replacement plan,  we will begin to post our concepts here.

If you have found an alternative plan, please leave a post.


RV lifestyle without RV

For many years I have seriously though about buying a RV.  I eventually came up with  the 5th wheel set up.  This basically allowed us to park our RV at a camp site, unhook our pickup, and have a means of transport away from the campsite. Then the cost began to mount up. We were trying to see if we liked the lifestyle. Our idea was to RV at the weekend and holidays to try it out. While I was working we had to park the RV somewhere . RV parking cost started to add up. Then I had a brainwave:- Live a RV lifestyle without a RV Continue reading