Boomer retirement lifstyle

2BRetired is a way of life, to be financially independent, happy and contented

Due to popular demand this site will begin to focus on Living a Minimalist type of life, retirement income, living well on less and healthy lifestyle amongst others. Being generally Happy and contented.

Living a Minimalist lifestyle.

Living a Minimalist lifestyle to me does not mean going without but only having what you need and use. I said what you “need” not what you “want”, a big difference if you only have what you need then life becomes less cluttered and simpler.

General Income.

We will cover how we live comfortably on a small pension Social Security and simple investing. Later expanding into crypto currencies.

Living well on less.

2BRetired.com is geared toward an independent lifestyle, living a frugal green life with travel ideas, places to see, photos of locations, discount travel. As we work on our portfolio and find ways to safely invest for income we will share that in the retirement income section. So feel free to contact us for information you would like to see and also to give us information that you would like to share that would be beneficial to our independent lifestyle community.

Healthy lifestyle.

After my parents both passed away in their 90’s, I decided to take better care of myself. I was 240 lbs and sluggish. After some research I stumbled on the Keto diet, basically low carbohydrate high fat medium protein.

I managed to loose 40lbs over 3 months but have stalled at 200lbs, goal is 175lbs. I think the stall is due to recently no following the diet, but cheating on fruit. This diet is more of a lifestyle project


Thanks from Bob and Barb the 2B’s  

Remember we need your help to make this site a success. So please everyone in the process to feel free to give us your ideas and comment or to



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